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RBT Practice Tests in San Diego specializes in RBT training, offering simulated exams and study materials for certification preparation.

Founded with a passion for applied behavior analysis, RBT Practice Tests began its journey in San Diego, California, aiming to provide specialized training for aspiring Registered Behavior Technicians.

RBT Practice Tests has successfully served a diverse range of clients, helping individuals from various backgrounds achieve their goal of becoming certified RBTs.

Recognized for excellence in behavior analysis education, RBT Practice Tests has received accolades and awards for its impactful training programs.

Clarence Brown

Clarence Brown, a seasoned behavior analyst, is the visionary founder behind RBT Practice Tests, driving the mission to empower individuals aspiring to become Registered Behavior Technicians.

His personal experience and dedication to behavior analysis led him to establish a center in San Diego that provides top-notch training for RBT certification.

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