RBT Practice Exam 75 Questions Free

This practice quiz will help you prepare for the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) exam administered by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). The questions cover key concepts from the RBT Task List related to measurement, assessment, behavior change procedures, implementation of behavior plans, professionalism, and ethics.

Use this quiz to identify areas of strength and areas that may need further study. Read each question carefully, and select the best answer choice provided. After completing the quiz, review the explanations for the correct answers to reinforce your understanding.

Getting hands-on experience alongside a qualified supervisor is invaluable preparation. However, practice tests like this can help solidify your knowledge of the applied behavior analysis principles and responsibilities involved in being an effective RBT.

Best of luck on your exam preparation! You’ve got this!


RBT Practice Exam 75 Questions Free

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1. Hilary has autism and she likes to push buttons on her toys over and over again. After a while, to her parent's satisfaction, the batteries wore out of the toy. Hilary stopped pushing the buttons on the toy. What decreased her behavior?

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2. Stimulus control is when...

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3. You can track your learner's progress in mands by...

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4. Line Graphs can be used for: (Select all that apply)

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5. Leila engages in hand mouthing. She is reinforced every time she is engaged in a behavior that is incompatible with hand mouthing (drawing or building with legos). This is an example of which differential reinforcement procedure?

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6. The Phase Change line demonstrates a change in conditions on a graph and is represented by:

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7. What does a crisis plan describe?

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8. Every ten minutes Johnny is rewarded with a gummy if he did not throw his toys. This is an example of which differential reinforcement procedure?

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9. Which of the following would be the most appropriate report about behaviors observed in a session?

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10. You can transfer the control of the mand to the motivation operation alone by...

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11. Free Operant preference assessments involve...

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12. Ratio Schedules are based on _______________ and interval schedules are based on ___________________.

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13. Frequency recording would be appropriate to use for which behavior?

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14. Which of the following could be a Motivating Operation?

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15. What situation might warrant a functional assessment of problem behavior and a behavior intervention plan?

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16. Which of the following is deemed acceptable when it comes to avoiding dual relationships?

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17. When deciding what mands to teach you should...

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18. If reinforcement is delivered after each number of responses listed, which of the following is variable ratio of 7 (VR7)?

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19. Rob is learning body parts, and loves frogs. His teacher draws a frog, but leaves out parts of its body. When he points at the missing part, she prompts him to say the body part, then draws it. This is an example of Naturalistic Teaching Strategies because...

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20. Whenever punishment is going to be used, the client or the person who makes decisions for the client, such as a parent or guardian, must _______________.

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21. An operational definition is used for a behavior so that:

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22. Multiple exemplar training refers to ___________________.

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23. Sue's teachers say she isn't motivated by anything. She shows little interest in toys, activities or food. An exception appears to be one CD that she listens to exclusively. What can Sue's teachers do to broaden her reinforcement repertoire?

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24. Before you can make a hypothesis about the function(s) of the target behavior, you must do all of the following EXCEPT...

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25. Supervisors must provide feedback to their direct reports every_____________.

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26. The one time you should violate confidentiality is _______________________.

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27. It is appropriate to discuss clients with which of the following?

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28. Complete this sentence: Documentation and record keeping are important to ensure....

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29. In which of the following scenarios would consent not be required?

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30. Jake yelled when he wanted music turned off and his parents would turn it off. One day, his parents decided to ignore the yelling. Jake's yelling initially increased then decreased over the next couple days as they continued to ignore. What occurred?

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31. When practitioners believe there may have been an ethical violation by another practitioner, or non-behavioral colleague, they attempt to resolve the issue, first by:

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32. What are the 4 functions of behavior?

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33. Behavior Analysts adhere to a code of ethics that seeks to protect the _____________.

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34. When you observed Sally, she kicked 7 times. Your observation was from 1 pm to 3 pm. Sally's kicking rate per hour is:

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35. James is reaching for a gummy worm you have in your hand, and he isn't saying, "Gummy." What is the most intrusive prompt you can give?

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36. What is the first step in creating a behavioral treatment?

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37. Which of the following is backwards chaining?

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38. If a Behavior Technician watched Jimmy for 5 minute periods and recorded if he were humming for ANY part of that 5 minutes period, she would be using:

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39. Discrimination training requires ...

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40. If the demands of an organization conflict with the BACB's guidelines, practitioners should:

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41. Find the best definition for "hitting":

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42. How can you tell if an item functioned as a reinforcer?

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43. Data should be graphed:

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44. Tamara is behind on her work as an analyst and decides she needs to do some work at home tonight. She copies the files she has been working on (which contain PHI) to a flash drive and drops the flash drive in her purse for later use. When Tamara gets home, the flash drive is missing. Is this a security breach?

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45. Behavioral definitions must be both...

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46. It is okay to work for a close family member as long as ___________________.

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47. A __________________ is an employee who is required by the state to inform a designated investigator of any suspected, witnessed, or alleged abuse or neglect.

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48. Instructors can help facilitate generalization by ___________________.

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49. If a practitioner finds that, due to unforeseen factors, a potentially harmful multiple relationship has arisen, what is recommended?

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50. Something you can do to prevent the student from losing motivation in Naturalistic Teaching is...

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51. A crisis plan includes which sections?

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52. Once pairing has taken place, the teacher can become a _________________reinforcer.

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53. Which of the following would be a transfer trial: The teacher presents the discriminative stimulus with an echoic prompt, the student responds correctly so next the teacher will ____________.

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54. The role of the RBT is to:

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55. When Keenan and his mother go to the zoo, Keenan always whines to ride the train. Most of the time his mother says "no," but when she is really tired she might say "yes." Why is this behavior not likely to be easily extinguished?

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56. Which type of chaining results in the learner being reinforced after they perform the final step in the chain?

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57. What are two things you can do to organize and prepare for each day ahead of time?

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58. The three steps of discrimination training are...

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59. When teaching Bob to discriminate boys and girls, his teacher used pictures of exaggerated versions of genders (girls had long hair and dresses, boys wore pants, had short hair). Over time, she used less exaggerated features. This is an example of what?

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60. If a practitioner finds that, due to unforeseen factors, a potentially harmful multiple relationship has arisen, what is recommended?

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61. All of the following are reasons that the use of electronic communication and social media are more likely to result in a HIPAA violation EXCEPT:

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62. When our learner is on a roll with responding, reinforcement should be...

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63. Behavior Analysts should always recommend the _____________________ likely to be effective in dealing with a behavior problem.

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64. Which of the following is not socially mediated?

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65. All of the following are functions of behavior EXCEPT...

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66. All of the following are some appropriate ways to respond to feedback, EXCEPT:

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67. If a Behavior Technician measured the length of time that it took Andrew to respond to someone calling him, she would be measuring the...

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68. What can be used to determine existing nonsocial and social reinforcers?

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69. Which of the following is not a part of a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)?

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70. When you document, you should attempt to document only...

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71. Breaking a complex skill into smaller, teachable units is the definition of...

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72. Outcome recording could be used for which behavior?

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73. Competent Training Programs and Supervised Work Experiences include all of the following, EXCEPT?

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74. The following is an example of which transfer procedure? SD: Point to the cat? R: child points to cat SD: What is it? (holding cat card) R: child says "cat."

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75. In the Discrete Trial cycle, when should the prompt occur?

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Test Taking Tips for the RBT Exam

The RBT exam consists of 85 multiple-choice questions and candidates have 90 minutes to complete it. Here are some helpful tips to employ when taking this exam:

Read Each Question Thoroughly

Don’t make assumptions about what the question is asking. Read through the full question and all answer choices carefully before selecting your response. Pay close attention to subtle differences in wording.

Watch for Double Negatives

Some questions may include double negatives which can be tricky. Read carefully to ensure you understand what is being asked.

Answer What is Being Asked

Don’t overthink the questions. Stick to answering precisely what is being asked without reading too far into the question.

Make Educated Guesses

If you’re unsure of an answer, use process of elimination to rule out incorrect choices before taking an educated guess from the remaining options.

Manage Your Time

The RBT exam allows just over 1 minute per question. Don’t dwell too long on any single question. Mark any difficult questions to return to if time allows.

Check Your Work

If you have time remaining, review your responses before submitting them. Ensure you understand each question and are confident in your answer choices.

Stay Focused

During the exam, concentrate only on the current question. Don’t get sidetracked thinking about a previous question or worrying about upcoming ones.

Use these strategies to stay calm, manage your time well, and showcase your knowledge on the RBT exam.

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